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【DR.HU】Miracle Ascorbic Acid Facial Mask (20gram)

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    因此,面膜的最大功效是在滋養,同時調整你的皮膚紋理,使皮膚紋理光滑,毛孔更為細緻,呈現清新,亮麗的容貌。而當寒冷的冬天來臨時,肌膚又更容易缺水,因此肌膚就更顯乾燥、乾裂及粗糙,這時滋潤及保濕的功效也就更顯著,六胜肽 蠶絲蛋白面膜富含許多成分,充分滋潤您的肌膚。


    1. 清潔臉部之後,從袋中取出面膜。 
    2. 攤開後先將面膜敷於臉上後將兩側耳掛上,再將下巴面膜提拉掛於兩側耳上,用指腹按壓讓面膜充分密合於臉部肌膚。 
    3. 用指腹按壓讓面膜充分密合於臉部肌膚。 
    4. 待15 - 20分鐘之後再取下面膜,之後再取下面膜棄置之。
     5. 用指腹輕拍臉部讓殘餘的精華液充分吸收。 
    6. 每週建議使用2~3次。

    【保存期限】 3年


    1. 若使用時有以下症狀請停止使用,並諮詢皮膚科醫師意見:

    ? 使用時出現紅、腫、癢、刺激感等現象。

    ? 使用後經日曬有上述症狀產生。

    2. 請盡量避免使用於傷口、紅腫及濕疹等皮膚異常部位。

    3. 請置於孩童拿不到的地方,本產品不可食用。

    4. 產品未拆封可以保存三年,然而由於添加高單位植物萃取,產品拆封之後,請儘速於6個月之內使用完畢,以確保產品品質。

    5. 敏感性肌膚請先做好肌膚測試,待沒有過敏反應之後,即可使用。

    6. 請置於孩童拿取不到且衛生陰涼處。

    7. 此商品屬於私人消耗性商品,若經拆封恕不退換,謝謝!

    If women who do not take to strengthen and take care, that her skin will soon be aging and degradation, will easily leak out of the age of chatter!
    Therefore, maintenance must be as early as possible, should be appropriate and correct, to make beautiful Shoudaoqinlai The mask not only the role of nourishment. A good mask, it has a very good nourishment, and it can penetrate the skin stratum corneum, and skin absorption.
    Therefore, the maximum effect of the mask is to nourish, while adjusting the texture of your skin, smooth skin texture, pores more detailed, showing a fresh, bright appearance. When cold winter comes, and the skin more vulnerable to water shortages, so the skin is more dry, chapped and rough, this time moisture and moisturizing effect is even more significant, six peptides silk protein mask rich in many elements, to fully moisten the your skin.

    [Skin Type]
    Are applicable for all skin types

    (1) After cleansing the face mask removed from the bag.
    (2) spread out after the first mask spreads on both sides of the face after the ears hang up, chin mask pulling, then hung on both sides of the ear, mask pulp press for full seal to the face.
    The pulp press mask full seal to the face.
    (4) be 15 - 20 minutes and then remove the mask, remove the mask and then disposed of.
    5 pat the face with the pulp so that the residual essence fully absorbed.
    (6) recommend the use of 2 or 3 times a week.

    1,3- propanediol, Saccharide Isomerate, Chondrus crispus extract, DMDM Hydantoin (and) Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Algae Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Zea mays(Corn) kernel extract, HYDROLYZED JOJOBA ESTERS&JOJOBA ESTERS&water(AQUA),Sclerotium gum, Tranexamic Acid, Allantoin, Water.Butylene Glycol.Uncaria Tomentosa Extract.Xanthan Gum, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Caster oil&Polyoxyethylene lauryl Ether, Fragrance, pure water。
    【Shelf life】3 years

    (1) If you are using the following symptoms, stop use and consult the views of dermatologists:

    ? use phenomena such as redness, swelling, itching, and irritation.

    ? Use the above symptoms produced by the sun.

    Please try to avoid using in the wound, swelling, eczema and other skin abnormalities parts.

    3 Keep out of reach of children, this product is not edible.

    4 can be stored unopened for three years, however, add the extraction of high-unit plant, the product is opened, as soon as possible in six months after use, to ensure product quality.

    Sensitive skin, please do a skin test to be no allergic reaction, you can use.

    (6) placed the children pick up less and Health in the shade.

    This product belongs to the private consumption of goods, once opened are non-refundable, thank you!

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    1. Any customer personal feeling or subjective reason is not allowed for exchange or refund, based on the fact that the product is not perfectly suit you or the end result does not meet your expectation.

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    This return policy may be updated from time to time without prior notice.

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